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 What is Smart Working (and where is it?)?

It would be useful to write a "glossary of contemporaneity", a handbook that contains all those "English" that populate our everyday language. Technical terms for every sector, more or less youthful slang... many words used - and above all flaunted - by anyone to appear mainly smart.

In addition, “smart” is one of these, of course. English term is almost untranslatable because it contains many meanings: from "intelligent" to "quick", from "smart" to "elegant", from "fashionable" to "brazen", from "strong" to "brilliant"... and many others, even verbal, always mostly positive.

The meanings of smart also widen if we add this adjective to other terms, such as in the case of "smart card" (magnetic card), or in the military slang "smart bomb" (smart bomb) or, again in the slang context, “smart cookie" (clockwise type)... until we get to what we are mainly interested in in this article, that is smart working.

By smart working, we mean "flexible work”, “agile work", that is to say, work that is comfortably managed according to its times and spaces.

For this reason, smart working can be said to be one of the few positive things in today's world of work. It is, in fact, the novelty of the new millennium: being able to work and carry out their goals, tasks, etc. without having to stamp a card and therefore without having to stay in a specific company or similar place.

Until recently - when we were still less international and inclined to speak English everywhere - it was called "telework", a word that emphasized the fact that it was possible to work far away from the headquarters and remain in contact with telematics systems.

It is now called smart working and more and more companies are adopting it to leave employees free not to remain physically in the fixed position and, therefore, to make them simply more serene in the performance of their usual functions. This means allowing women to be mothers without having to reduce their work commitment, but only to differ it and move it to places more suited to their private life. The statistics say, however, that the smart working especially likes men, not only women, who are finally free to open a conference call of world importance without having to take every time a plane to Dubai, to give an example, but the cases are many, of all kinds.

Patience, smart working actually exists, it is already widely implemented in large and small companies and above all, it is the philosophy of life of new generations, who want to be master of their work, whatever it is, and to carry it out comfortably where they prefer. Not necessarily at home but perhaps just in a coworking as Smart Hub, which offers all the technical aspects of a business place and at the same time the comforts of a domestic place... and which has its "fulcrum" in a motto: Be Smart!

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