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 Translation of subtitles

Does your content strategy include the production of video files?

If the answer is no, you should know that viewing a video can enhance your users' comprehension of a product or service.

If the answer is yes, it is a wise decision to add subtitles to the videos.


Why subtitling?

Research has shown that subtitles improve the way a video is understood. Besides, subtitles are one of the most profitable ways to make a video available in many languages. And that's more than that: they can also boost the number of plays and improve the positioning of your site in search engines.


The art of subtitling

The accurate transmission of an oral message in text form, taking into account character and time constraints, is a very complex task requiring skilled language and subtitling professionals.


It's not just a question of accessibility

Subtitles have always been used to make audio-visual content accessible to deaf or hard of hearing people. Today, however, video users around the world can enjoy the integration of subtitles in multimedia materials, particularly taking into account the fact that most of the videos accessed online give information about products and services.


Improved user experience

In many situations, subtitles can greatly improve users' enjoyment of video:

Following the text on the screen is very useful when the speaker has a particular accent, speaks quickly, or uses little-known terminology.

Subtitles make it easier to follow unclear dialogues due to background noise or poor audio quality. Subtitling is also a key factor for people learning a second language, especially for vocabulary.

It has been shown that videos with subtitles are more easily remembered and ease engagement and sharing. All this contributes to making the video more accessible, relevant and easy to locate.


SEO Video Services

A good user experience helps to improve organic search results for your videos. Also, embedding videos on your site can help you improve your page rank. However, search engines are not able to index audio-visual content.

This is where subtitles and transcripts come into play. Also to metadata such as titles, tags or descriptions, subtitles and transcripts help search engines index and understand video content, resulting in better search results.


The power of YouTube

With over 1 billion users visiting YouTube every month, subtitles and transcripts play an important role on this platform.

Not only can they help reach a multilingual audience worldwide, but it has also been shown that subtitling increases YouTube views.


Translations Universe Subtitling Services

Our global network of subtitle language professionals satisfies a wide range of language combinations. We have the experience, resources and expertise to subtitle business presentations, training videos, audio security messages and audio and video communications over the Internet, so you can reach a global audience with your message.

To find out more about our subtitling services, do not hesitate to contact us.