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Release of the new platform for  online language services

This is for us at Translations Universe the most important update carried out so far.

With the release of the new platform, we have implemented many important functions that have become essential for those of us who offer language services, in an international environment and essentially online.

Since 2011, we have based our business model to be accessible and addressed to an international audience, serving companies and customers around the world and recording a remarkable growth of about 60%, in the last 3 years. This has been possible thanks to a study of market trends related to the world of language services, new technologies, the will to offer a service always based on the quality of human translation.

Although trends in the language market are moving in the direction of an exponential increase in automated technologies, the use of terminology databases, the development of assisted translation tools and CAT tools, we have always been firmly convinced that every translation project is a story apart. For this reason, we have fought to support the necessity of a careful study of the cultures linked to the languages of the projects addressed, so that the meaning conveyed is relevant and sounds natural to the eye and ear of the target audience.

This quality has been the basis of all our market strategies, allowing us to choose carefully the instruments to work with every day, in order to be recognized internationally for our skills and service features.

The functionality of the new platform

In particular, this new update allows the launch and purchase of the language services offered by our company, all within a click.

Through the interface accessible from our website, under the heading "Launch Project", you can register your own customer account through which you can order translation, text revision, and audio/video transcription.

Once registered, the user can use two drop-down menus from which to choose the source language and the languages for translating the files. Translations Universe allows you to translate up to 33 languages in their different language combinations.

Next, you can choose the area of expertise of the translation: our professionals are versatile, each of them has sector-specific experience in areas and language combinations. Each area of the translation will necessarily be entrusted to a competent professional and therefore the rates will vary depending on the area chosen.

It is then time to choose the service: translation (from one to one or more languages), editing (monolingual), audio/video transcription (mono-bilingual) and combined translation and editing.

Once the type of service has been chosen, you will be able to upload the files by clicking on the "Upload File" button: a pop-up will open that will take you to the section where you can upload the files, in the formats we support, or drag and drop them. Alternatively, the user can manually type or paste the text in the "Type your text" section.

The program will automatically return the word count and develop the quote based on the data entered.

Another very important aspect is the fact that you can enter Guidelines to be communicated during the commission. Some of them are pre-set, in the Other section, it is possible to communicate personalized guidelines. It is also possible to request a priority delivery service (with a commission of 35%).

Once the above actions have been fulfilled, a summary of the chosen service, the language combinations, the word count and the tariff for each service will be reported. You can also remove one or more services by clicking on the X next to each service.

Finally, by clicking on the "Launch Project" button, you will be able to access the payment interface through which purchase and confirm the order. You will then receive email notification of payment and confirmation of purchase.


Another important aspect that we have handled to enhance our service is linked to a renovation of the corporate image.

The choice of a "new" company logo, with a renewed look and colours, has been adopted to provide our business image with a clear and distinctive imprint.

The chosen colours have been reused in all the tools, offline and online, in order to give linearity to all the graphic aspects of our brand.

The new logo takes up and stylizes the look of the previous one and enhances the payoff "Words around the World". In fact, the comic strip outside the globe recalls the concept of the word, an element at the center of our world while the central globe is embraced by the external structure.

In fact, since our development, we have focused and exalted the role of the word, through a meticulous study of the relevance that it assumes in different cultures and their languages. The research conducted, in terms of knowledge and use of tools related to the world of translation, has led us to highlight the importance of choosing words in our projects so that they are always in line with the cultural aspects of the target language.

Culture and word merge, creating new elements that are inextricably linked. The style adopted in our projects, although different in technicalities and areas of use, follows the thread of a careful search for the meaning that words need to assume within the contexts. That's why, with our customers, we try to develop projects that last over time, in order to create long-term partnerships to give linguistic linearity to the business in which the words are applied.

Choosing Translations Universe means emphasizing and strengthening the meaning conveyed by the terms in order to involve the public in an authentic, clear and recognizable way and to create appeal in the language of the counterpart.