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English to Italian translations

English to italian translation


The English>Italian language combination is the core of our business. Since 2011, Translations Universe has delivered more than 10,000 translation projects and more than twice as many proofreading projects in this language combination.

Our company is highly specialized in the translation of content from English into Italian (and vice versa). Each of the components offering the translation service in this combination has many years of certified experience.

The translators who make up our network are expert linguists who have deepened specific areas in order to contextualize, use specific technical terminology and relate to the needs of clients and their markets.

We have served clients of national and international calibre, in the areas of specialization that we offer. The most important translation projects, which we list below, have been translated from English into Italian (and vice versa) in specific areas such as:

The above-mentioned clients have chosen Translations Universe for the translation of their content. They have all experienced increased sales and online visits as a result of foreign language localization, which has facilitated the enjoyment of content in the users' native language. The turnover of the listed companies, in some cases, was doubled thanks to the effectiveness of communication in the foreign market. (Read our guide to internationalization).

For some of the projects mentioned, we have indicated case studies in which we explain the approach to the subject, the management and the structuring of the complex specialist translation process.

For translations from English into Italian (and vice versa) we can count on a team of specialized mother-tongue translators. The team is coordinated internally at the Martina Franca (TA) office.

The areas of specialization that we support allow our clients to receive text content that respects the terminology of the reference market.

The areas supported are:

- Generic: do not require specific skills and the price is lower than for translation projects in the areas of expertise;
- Legal: terms and conditions, GDPR, legal and notarial acts;
- Software/IT: coding and translation of files in XML and HTML format;
- Finance: brokerage, trading, reports, cryptocurrency, Forex;
- Marketing: messaging, email, social, advertising material;
- Mobile app: UI, app store, internal texts;
- Tourism: guides, brochures, maps, tourist agency sites;
- Automotive: technical components, documentation;
- AdWords: keywords (with the search for effectiveness by country), meta-descriptions;
- Gaming: video games, software coding, mobile apps, board games;
- Certificates and patents: licences, patents, judgments, information documents;
- Gastronomy: product description, websites, menus;
- Websites: cms coding, web pages, product cards;
- Fashion & design: design, fashion, accessories, style;
- Leather goods translation: processing phases, terminology, customs documentation;
- Medical/cosmetic: leaflets, product sheets, research;
- Home and furniture: products, architecture, legal terminology.

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