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Wordpress themes and plug in translation

Translations Universe is constantly searching for the best technologies in the translation market. In this constant research, we focus on our clients' needs to localize their content, on their platforms, in order to offer a smart service that implements the translated content and makes it usable for the required use.

For this purpose, we have implemented the translation of themes and plug-ins of the WordPress cms.



Find a WordPress theme already translated is quite rare.

If you want all the texts of your site to be in a certain language, you will need to translate WordPress with dedicated software, in our case Poedit.

If you want the translation process to be fairly easy, make sure you choose a translation-ready theme.

A translation-ready theme has been developed using the GetText localization system that makes WordPress themes easy to translate.

Translation-ready themes also include a .pot file (Portable Object Template). The .pot file contains all the texts of the theme and serves as a basic translation template. Usually, the .pot file is inside the template installation package in the Languages folder.

Before buying a theme, of course, check if it has already been translated - in this case, you will have been very lucky: installing the theme on a WordPress site already in Italian you will not have to do anything! If you want to create a multilingual site, make sure that the theme is not only translation-ready but also compatible with WPML, the best plugin to create sites in multiple languages.

If in doubt, before buying the theme contact the developer and ask if the template can actually be translated into English. You will have to wait a few hours but at least you will be sure to make a good purchase.


Translating WordPress with Poedit, .po and .mo files

The tool we use is called Poedit, a text editor that serves to create, from the .pot file included in the installation package of your theme, the .po and .mo files that contain the actual translation.

Poedit searches for translation suggestions in our translation memory (TMX) enriched databases that save you money and time, especially if you expect to work on large projects. If you need to translate your site into various languages or if you work in the field of localisation, Poedit offers excellent statistical and word counting tools. During the quotation process, you will receive a quote that includes the percentage of repetitions that is detected within the files to be translated. Upon request, we can provide a report indicating the number and percentage of repetitions of words.

Once the file is sent to us in .pot format, our team will generate the translation by associating to the source the languages requested by the client. We remind you that our agency is able to translate content, in various formats, up to 33 languages.

Once the translation is finished, we will provide you with the files in .po and .mo format, which needs to be inserted in the Languages folder where can be found the. pot file too. To make the translation visible on your web site, you must, of course, upload both files to your server space.

If you have set English as the language of your WordPress site, once you have uploaded the files, your theme will be automatically translated.


The same procedure applies when translating plugins.

Please note that now Poedit can be connected directly to WordPress and you no longer have to work with locally saved copies of files. In fact, we will be able to connect directly to your server, using the protocols established by your webmaster and work remotely to load translations.

Please note that our team of translators is able to work on different text encoding formats and interface directly with your webmasters in order to deliver translations into the text preferred by your cms.

For developers of themes and plugins, remember that Translations Universe can create the empty templates (POT) on which translators can rely.