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How to avoid localization mistakes

What is localization?

Localization instead of just translation is what makes a big difference. Localization, which is a sub-branch of translation, goes beyond translating content. Localization means considering the way the target audience thinks, talks and acts. It means conforming to local laws, customs, belief, and traditions.

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Translations Universe Words around the world


The benefits of human translation

Choosing an online translation agency is the easiest way to access a variety of language-related services. This kind of agency is able to guarantee the satisfaction of increasingly demanding customers in terms of speed and savings. It will be able to provide services such as proofreading, human translation, from several foreign languages.

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Cosmetic translation case study


Trough this article we want to show the methodology of approach to the subject of cosmetics, in particular, we present the translation of the website LimeLife by Alcone from English to Italian.


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Xb prime translation case study Translations Universe

 Case study: Financial translation for XBPrime 

With this new article, we want to deepen our cooperation for the translation project of the online trading platform XBPrime. This translation project was conducted within the Forex/Finance expertise and the platform's contents were localized into 7 languages: Arabic, English, Italian, Spanish, French, Portuguese and Vietnamese.


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