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At Translations Universe we provide a professional audio/video transcription service. By relying on native-speaking industry professionals, we report in writing, audio or visual files. Depending on the objective of the requested transcription, we have selected two main categories:

Soft transcription

the transcription is reported in digital format reconstructing the dynamics of the text while maintaining the meaning of the conversations of the source file. This means that portions of the original source could be cut, as in the case of exclamations, meaningless sentences, truncated sentences, sounds or words in the background; the purpose of the transcription will be to return the text while keeping the meaning of the interlocutor unchanged.

Literal transcription

Literal transcription: the transcription is reported in digital format while not affecting the audio of the multimedia file. All parts of the speech will be transcribed, including truncated sentences, exclamations, interjections, ideophones. This type of transcription is required if the contents to be transcribed are of a legal nature or in any other case if expressly requested by the client.

The files are generally returned in the same format as the source of the commissioned text, unless special requests from customers. Our translators work on editable digital texts.

For the audio or video parts to be transcribed to be correctly uncoiled, it is necessary that the files provided by the clients are clearly audible, in order to return a transcription quality close to perfection.

You can translate audio or video media files, this requires the transcription and translation of the media files, therefore, will apply the combined rates for the transcription and translation service. The customer can make a specific request for the type of transcription to be applied. Please contact us for joint transcription and translation requests.

Note: To deal with large transcription projects, in a short time, we may have to divide the media files and assign them to multiple professionals. Our project managers will ensure that the parts are intact, smooth and uninterrupted.