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link wordpress wpml to translations universe

We are constantly looking for solutions that can determine a value for the company that decides to rely on us to translate content, whether online or offline. As a result of our experience, we are able to understand the needs of companies seeking development of their business in multiple languages.

Save time and money

Most of these companies are not prepared to allocate large budgets for professional translation services and often end up delegating company resources to this role. However, as well as committing the investment associated with the cost of a delegated corporate resource for this purpose, the result is not obvious in terms of the quality and effectiveness of the translated content.

For this purpose, we support a web-based tool for the purchase of our translation services that reduces time waste and financial investment.

In order to enhance our services, we have identified new software that allows us to further connect with the tools used by our clients to sell their products or present their companies online.

A Smart company for Smart results

We have identified specific software that allows our customers to connect the main CMS systems that host their sites: Magento, WordPress, Joomla and Bitrix.

Through Smartcat we are now able to integrate with all the data coming from your CMS.

Connectivity to various applications, process automation and data synchronization are among the main requirements of today's customers. These strengths will become increasingly critical over time.

Traditional software vendors charge you a fortune for the use of their integrations and APIs. In contrast, Smartcat's open APIs and dozens of pre-built integrations are included, without strings.

How we use Smartcat

Translations Universe provides professional, human translation services in 33 languages and 16 subject areas. Having overcome the practice of sending emails and exchanging content to be translated offline, the world of translation has also taken giant steps, integrating with existing IT systems.

Through the Smartcat software we are able to generate a key that the client will insert in the plug-in he uses for his translations.

Let's say a potential customer has installed the WPML plug-in for WordPress. WPML is a plug-in that translates and manages translations for the WordPress CMS. It offers several solutions including linking to specific translation service providers.

1 - Create your account on Translations Universe

If you already have an account, you can move on to the next step.

To create an account visit the Translations Universe Homepage and click on the top bar "Sign Up".


Sign up

Locate the access link (top right corner of the page)

At the bottom of the login form, click on the link Don't have an account yet?

Customer login


2 - Connect WPML to our Smartcat

To submit content to be translated into Translations Universe, make sure you have the following plugins installed on your website:

  • WPML Multilingual CMS - the main plugin
  • WPML translation management - this plugin allows you to connect to Translations Universe
  • WPML String Translation - this plugin allows you to translate interface strings

You can download them from your  wpml.org account. If you don't have an account yet, you can create one simply by choosing between WPML Multilingual CMS o Multilingual CMS Lifetime plans.

Go back to your WordPress admin panel, select WPML -> Translation Management from the menu and go to the Translation Services tab.

By accessing the "Translation Management" item you can activate the Smartcat translation management system:




3 - Request API key, server and Account ID

To connect WPML with your Translations Universe account, you must obtain our API Key and Smartcat ID.

API Key: contact us to obtain your API key reserved for your project.

ID Account: a85ad73d-0151-4604-bc00-ec22d7fc5e41

USA - https://us.smartcat.ai/api/integration/
Europa - https://smartcat.ai/api/integration/
Asia - https://ea.smartcat.ai/api/integration/

Follow the instructions below to activate the connection between your WPML and our Smartcat system:

Activate Smartcat


After connecting the two platforms, you will be able to send us he content to be translated.


4 - Translate with WPML

    1. 1. Go to WPML Translation Management > Translation panel.
    2. 2. Choose the content you want to translate. The content is separated by type - Page, Mail Block and All types. You can switch from one type to another using the drop-down menu in the filters section.
    3. 3. Choose the languages you need by choosing "Translate" next to the language name or "No action" if you don't need the language.
    4. 4. Click Add selected content to translation cart.
    5. 5. Once the Translation Cart tab appears (it will start blinking), select it. There you can review the content you want to translate and delete items you may have added by mistake. Then choose a name for the Smartcat project you want to create (or use the default one), give a deadline and make sure Smartcat is the selected translator for all language pairs. Then click Submit all elements for translation.
    6. 6. We will receive the content to be translated on our Smartcat interface, translate it and send it back to your WPML translation manager for approval.

 Launch translation

Contact us if you need assistance in setting up Smartcat with your WPML