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 Case study: Financial translation for CWG Market

Take a look to our new multi-language translation case study for the online trading platform CWG Markets. This translation project was conducted within the Forex/Finance expertise into 6 languages: Arabic, German, Indonesian, Malay, Spanish and Thai



Let's look at the essence of the project: CWG Markets provides access to more than 300 single stock CFDs from three major exchanges on NYSE, Nasdaq, and HKSE. Profit from the rise and fall of the single stock with no restriction on short-selling.


The project was structured by distributing the content of the website and the trading platform in multiple files, with an extension of json format. This facilitated the work of uploading content to the web platform since the json could be sent directly on the customer CRM. We translated up to 15k words per language.

The expertise area: Online trading

In a rapidly growing financial world with emerging markets characterized by new commercial investment opportunities, it is essential to be able to operate in any economic cycle with diversity in the most efficient, safe and fair way possible.

CWG Markets is an international foreign exchange CFDs broker that provides financial derivative trading such as foreign exchange, index, crude oil, precious metals, futures, and others for global traders. Provide multilingual, all retail and institutional services for Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, and other countries and regions. In line with the concept of trade starting from a trust, CWG Markets provides financial security for traders, extremely low spread, excellent and stable trading environment and supports for various activities. We also remember that CWGMarkets prime supports financial trading platforms, among them:

  • MetaTrader 5 (MT5) is a new generation trading platform, chosen by traders and investors around the world for trading Forex, metals, commodities and CFD equity instruments;
  • MetaTrader 4: You can trade almost all commodities in the foreign exchange, stock, and futures markets of the World Monetary Market in the world. It is suitable for all PC and mobile terminals, including PC, iPad, and various versions of mobile phones. Download now, install, and begin trading!

Project Overview

Our aim has been to provide users with a navigation interface in their native language, in order to be able to offer maximum transparency of the financial matters dealt with by CWG Markets. The translation operation was necessary in order to support users with multilingual experts, available 24/5 to answer any technical or accounting questions.

The project was divided into several parts, each of which was to be translated and uploaded to the language versions of the site. This meticulous procedure of translating and reorganizing the texts into a single file allowed us to gradually create a terminology database to be distributed to the translators to keep the nature of the translation linear.

At Translations Universe, we have long focused on translating content related to the world of finance. In recent years, we have expanded our portfolio of client projects in this area, translating multiple projects for a variety of purposes, one of the most important is CWGMarkets.


We constantly translate financial reports, news, and reports that influence market trends, or guidelines provided by experienced brokers within the various trading platforms.


Needs a proper context and knowledge of the business. Shareholders and brokers rely on your company's financial reports to make informed decisions. Make sure they are accurately localized with our financial translation services.


Our translators are familiar with the terminology used in online trading. We regularly serve clients in the trading industry from all over the world.


Another fundamental aspect of modern finance, we at Translations Universe know and know how to correctly translate content related to major crypto-currencies. We translated for CWG CFD trading website. They provide access to more than 300 single stocks on 3 major exchanges Nasdaq, New York Stock Exchange and Hong Kong Stock Exchange. CFD trading allows you to participate in the rise and fall of stock prices, unlike traditional stock trading. Hedge your falling favorite stock prices by shorting CFDs to protect your price risk.


Currency exchange is one of the financial aspects that we have perfected. Many of our translators are experts or professionals in the financial sector and know the main currency pairs and the relationship that regulates their exchanges.

Glossary selection and vocabulary applied

The main difficulty was the coordination of the project in the 6 target languages. In order for the text to be similar in all the translated versions, it was necessary to create a terminology database that all translators could consult, starting with English, in order to ensure uniformity between all language combinations. We, therefore, proceeded to create glossaries in English using our translation software, accompanied by guidelines that indicated to the various professionals the style, terminology, and vocabulary to be used in their translations.

A glossary is a collection of terms belonging to a specific and circumscribed area. In some cases, the term glossary is used to indicate the collection and explanation of outdated or specialized terms used in a book (generally placed at the end of the text).

The glossary differs from the vocabulary and dictionary, although it is also a collection of headwords, precisely because it catalogs terms and phrases belonging to a specific field of reference and limited to a general technical subject: in this case, the specific field was financial.

Some of the terminologies typical of the language of the financial sector were deliberately left untranslated and in English since they were typical of the financial context and would not have conveyed the meaning adequately if translated.

 Meta-descriptions and keywords

A key element of content translation for the web is the translation of metadata. Quality plays a key role in advertising campaigns. Quality plays a key role in advertising campaigns. Our translators will not only choose the most suitable terms for your market and respect the different keyword combination options (general matching, sentence matching, exact matching, and reverse matching), they will also follow AdWords' guidelines on quality and best practices suggested by Google. This will maximize the quality score of your keywords and ensure the success of your advertisements.

Keywords, language text strings and the study of "trendy" content in a given location provided us with the basis on which to build our organic multilingual SEO strategy.

Final considerations

At Translations Universe, this complex, 6-language financial translation project was handled with great professionalism from the point of view of upstream work organization and team management so that the final result was simultaneously correct and straightforward for all the translated versions.

The aspects addressed, from the management to the translation of metadata in the SEO key, were structured in such a way that the content translated and provided to the client was qualitatively close to perfection and usable for use by reference users and compatible with search engines in terms of positioning.

The solution adopted by the client did not entail any additional costs from a project management point of view and the translations were quoted on the basis of cost per word in the technical and financial area.