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Audio/Video Transcriptions
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Choosing Translations Universe is the easiest way to access a variety of language-related services. Our online agency is able to guarantee the satisfaction of increasingly demanding customers in terms of speed and savings. We provide services among proofreading, human translation, from 75 languages and 1500 language pairs.

The keywords in this field are speed and quality. Providing fast translations from every language is a task that the agency can accomplish in an excellent way. It will be possible to speak to different language translators, depending on the customer's request and the requirements shown in the text.

Why Choose an Online Translation Agency? Finding a professional mother tongue translator and expert in this field is crucial, especially when it comes to professional translations. In this case, it will be necessary to distinguish every word that can vehicle meaning to the sentence, in order to avoid serious mistranslations which could also mean the loss of a business.

Translations Universe allows you to communicate at any time with a professional who will work on the provided text, in real time! This will allow you to optimize your time. Thanks to the immediate dialogue between customer and translator, halving the waiting times is really simple. Unlike what happens with a traditional translation of texts.

By asking for our services, you can have a face-to-face cooperation, state text, postpone corrections, or send other jobs. Immediacy will reduce the waiting times.

Emergency issues can be solved. For example, for a translation of a professional curriculum or a professional text, with a simple click, you can quickly solve this problem.

Translations Universe is just what this means: to ensure your satisfaction, using a small amount of time by relying on a qualified staff.

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