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One of the most important aspects of online sales, in B2B or B2C mode, is undoubtedly the SEO. 

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) defines all the optimization activities of a website aimed at improving its ranking in organic results in the main search engines Google and Bing.

The process of optimizing a website includes 3 activities:

  • Technical Optimization. This phase allows search engines to access and index correctly the pages of your website. Usually, in this phase we assume an improvement at an organic level, processing a series of actions to improve the indexing performance of our site and acting precisely in the organic of our website.
  • Content Creation. The contents of your website will have to respond to different search purposes. If they are appreciated by users, they will also be appreciated by search engines, because they know that they have provided the best answers to their questions.
  • Promotion of Content. Promoting content designed to be shared is a key step in the success of your SEO campaign. Being quoted with a link from authoritative sites is an unequivocal way to communicate to Google that yours is a quality website.

We can, therefore, say that SEO is a perfect combination of technical optimization and marketing strategy.
In recent years we have deepened the concepts related to the multilingual aspect of SEO optimization, crossing analytical data, conversions, and strategies related to the ability to attract foreign customers.

A careful strategy that crosses the study of analytical data, the knowledge of metadata in a foreign language, tailored to the country of interest and knowledge of the main trends in vogue in a given place, can make a difference in the process of acquiring international customers and partners.

We can say that we have improved the ability of some of our clients to convert foreign clients. The following graph shows that there has been a significant increase in the performance of the case study website, particularly for the fashion industry. With an increase in conscious leads, there has inevitably been an increase in conversions. The data, over a period of 12 months, showed an improvement in conversions with a rate of 706%.

Figure 1: Performance graph of the case study in 12 months.


This could happen with a localized study of a certain group of keywords and their effectiveness in the reference country. Through the use of specific software, we identified the response of the metadata in a given location, implemented these data within the product categories to which they referred.

Keywords, language text strings and the study of "trendy" content in a given location provided us with the basis on which to build our organic multilingual SEO strategy.

Needless to say, an SEO tailored to the target country alone is not enough to provide margins for improving the performance of a website. That's why we've joined our team with experienced professionals in the social and marketing fields. With them, we have built an advertising system that acts in conjunction with the multilingual SEO and that exploits the main social channels as well as graphics and video communication strategies.

We invite you to contact us for further clarifications about the possibility to set up an improvement of your multilingual contents and their implementation on your communication and e-commerce channels at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Multilingual strategy to optimise your Black Friday sales campaign












Black Friday is a purely American event that has evolved and spread throughout the world over the last decade.

For some, the expression Black Friday was born in Philadelphia and would derive from the heavy and congested road traffic that develops for the occasion on that day.

The exact origin, however, remains uncertain: according to some, it would refer to the notes on the books of traders who traditionally switched from red (losses) to black (gains), so Black Friday would indicate a day of great gains for business activities. From that day on, the period of the year most profitable for retailers would begin, capable of bringing in black, and therefore in surplus, the accounts of commercial companies.

Data on hand, we have drawn up a series of tips that will help you set up a multilingual sales campaign:

- Study the peculiarities of your product: whether you produce or market a product, a strategic study of your product is the basis of any action aimed at generating a sales flow. Focus on the particularities of your product and ask yourself questions. For example, because your customers choose you or prefer your brand to others, you will begin to filter your target audience and, as a result, create a targeted and sectoralized sales campaign;

- Pay attention to your target market: using statistical analysis tools, Google Analytics or the data consultation of the Facebook Business Manager, to name a few, extract data that helps you understand the geographical origin of your users, their taste, the searches that have conveyed the public on your page and use these data in your favor. In this regard, specialized in a specific market, this does not mean eliminating potential customers but attracting those who are really attracted by your product or service and this will lead you to develop quality leads that can be converted into sales;

- Develop ad hoc advertising campaigns: select specific channels that highlight the aspects of your product type, the customers who are looking for you will know where to find you. With the help of effective sales channels, you can set up campaigns by cross-referencing analytical data: choose keywords and tags that best describe your products, as well as the traits that distinguish your work and that can appeal to your potential customers. Push these terms with specific means, Google Ads, or through the main social channels;

- Don't forget the importance of the language aspect: it's well known that your potential customers prefer to browse websites and e-commerce readable in their own language so that they can better understand their content. To compete in an international market means to provide information to use products and services in a correct and understandable way. Companies that adopt an international strategy must translate the contents of their web pages to meet the needs of domestic and foreign customers/consumers. Finally, it is useful to remember that a quality translation offers greater optimization and usability of the site in the target language. This is essential from the point of view of the SEO.

Website translation is an important process for companies that decide to undertake internationalization. It is necessary to entrust the translation to experienced and qualified professionals who can offer a service adapted to the needs of the customer.

Mobile apps localization













Mobile app stores have officially become global, and the next person to download your app could be located anywhere. However, even though your app may be available globally, it may not be ready for the global market. Nowadays, localizing applications for key audience segments is a must. This applies to both iOS app localization and Android app localization.

Why app localization is important

Localizing applications for your target audience is good business practice, but it is also a process that requires a clear business case before companies can invest the necessary resources.

90% of mobile device activity now takes place within apps, unlike browsers.

Global mobile app revenue will grow from $51 billion in 2016 to $101 billion in 2020.

Even users who understand English prefer to use devices in their own language and are more willing to buy if they can do so in their native language. Locating mobile applications has a direct impact on download figures and revenue.

Remember to translate all the texts for your app: UI, help, app store description and all the other texts that users see. And don't forget the localization of the images! This requires proper internationalization, which you should keep in mind throughout the development cycle.

Halloween: Around the world











Halloween is one of the oldest holidays in the world, dating back to the pagan epoch. Today it is celebrated by more people in more countries than ever before. There's one simple reason: it's fun and it's good, clean, harmless and fun for young and old!

First, where it all started: Ireland

In Ireland, which is considered the place where Halloween is celebrated, the day is still celebrated as in the United States. In rural areas, bonfires light up like centuries ago, and throughout the country, children dress up in costumes and spend the evening "trick or treat" in their neighborhoods. After the trick or treat, most people attend parties with their neighbors and friends. At parties, several games with the neighbors are played, including "snap-apple", a game where an apple on a rope is tied to a doorframe or tree and players try to bite the hanging apple. In addition to bobbing for apples, parents often organize treasure hunts, with candies or pastries as "treasure". The Irish also play a card game where the cards are placed face down on a table with candy or coins underneath them. When a child chooses a card, it receives any prize that is under it.


Mexico and Spain are famous for Día de Los Muertos, or "Day of the Dead", which is celebrated every year on 1 and 2 November. The locals dress like their ancestors and build private altars called "ofrendas", which they use to present gifts - from sugar skulls to tequila - to the dead.

The Hungry Ghost Festival is celebrated throughout Hong Kong and China for a full month, starting on the seventh day of the seventh month of the lunar calendar. This year's celebration began in August and ended on September 12.
Festivities include parades, operas, burning incense, food for the dead and operas to entertain the spirits.

All Souls Day is a religious event in Italy, where people remember their loved ones, but people on the island of Sardinia have celebrated Halloween for centuries carving pumpkins. The locals call them "Concas de Mortu", which means "heads of the dead".

Obon in Japan is a Buddhist festival that lasts three days and its start date varies from mid-July to mid-August. It honors the spirits of local ancestors with pilgrimages to tombs and places associated with the history of a family, and also includes a series of ceremonial dances as part of the festivities.

#TranslatingEurope workshops 2018









The 5th edition of the Translating Europe Forum will focus on how translators can work in an industry that is changing rapidly.
Data are becoming more and more important, but what kind of data? How can translators benefit from the data they produce?
How will artificial intelligence affect the language industry and individual translators?
How is neural machine translation changing the translation profession? What is the EU doing? What about sharing translation data – what are the legal and practical aspects?

The workshops are part of the Translating Europe project, created to bring together translation stakeholders in Europe. They complement the yearly Forum organized in Brussels and consist of smaller scale events, targeted at specialized audiences within national translation communities. The Translating Europe workshops are organized by Directorate-General for Translation representatives in the EU Member States, often in cooperation with universities of the European Master's in Translation.

Download the full program here.

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