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Translations Universe is a translation agency that has been steadily developing into a specialized translation and documentation for the automotive industry. The quality lies in the small details. A motor only works if all parts are correctly assembled, and the same applies to your marketing. Since all of our employees are highly qualified, they always understand what they translate.

The language of automotive translation

We do speak your language. For us, this does not simply mean that we are able to carry out automotive language translations in any particular language. In the case of technical translations, it is important that the translator has knowledge of the technology discussed in the text. Our entire staff is delighted with cars and motorcycles.

Translations Universe not only provides automotive translations. We provide a complete package of documentation (technical) and information. We work for the global automotive and motorcycle industry, suppliers and other companies associated with engines and drive technology. Working in partnership with our customers, our challenge is to convey all information to the end user as clearly and efficiently as possible. Whether it's providing a short automotive translation or managing an entire flow of documentation, we'll listen to your needs and provide you with all the advice you need.

Ad-words / Banners translations









Adwords is the advertising program Pay per Click (PPC) by Google. Translating advertising campaigns into multiple languages is an excellent strategy for promoting products and services globally and expanding business worldwide.

We specialize in localizing websites and AdWords campaigns in over 75 languages. Our primary goal is to maximize target traffic and help advertisers get the best return on investment (ROI) from international campaigns.

We don't just translate the campaign's texts and keywords, we also optimize its content. In other words, our translators devote a large part of their energy to the actual localization of your campaigns, thinking about the keywords that your potential clients could actually use in their own language to find your products and services.

How could our ad-words translations enhance your business?

Effective creativity: we translate the advertising texts in such a way as to make the commercial message and call to action as persuasive as possible in the target language.

Quality plays a key role in advertising campaigns. Our translators will not only choose the most suitable terms for your market and respect the different keyword combination options (general matching, sentence matching, exact matching and reverse matching), they will also follow AdWords' guidelines on quality and best practices suggested by Google. This will maximize the quality score of your keywords and ensure the success of your advertisements.

Gaming/video games professional translation service


The demand for gaming is spreading internationally with rapidly growing gaming communities in several countries.

This creates huge profit opportunities for gaming companies that commercialize their games abroad.

Translations Universe offers professional game translation services for gaming and video games developing companies that want to market their products in countries that do not speak their language.

Our game translation services are provided by a global pool of highly qualified translation service providers. The Translations Universe translation team consists of professional translators who understand the world of gaming; they are familiar with the technical terms and lingo used in the gaming industry in various countries.

We already have a loyal customer base in the gaming industry and have worked on the following game translation projects:

- Online games

- Mobile games for different platforms

- Websites

- Adv

- Products Descriptions

- Instruction manual

- Assistance information

- Game Controls and GUIs

- Specifications of Services

- Promotional material

- Newsletter

If you are planning to promote your game abroad, please contact us and we will provide you with the best professional translation services at the best possible rates.

Cosmetic translations


The cosmetic industry is constantly growing with a high consumer demand for new treatments and procedures. Nowadays, there is a range of different players from around the world working within the cosmetic medicine field; all of whom need to communicate effectively with each other and the patients using their treatments.

Whether it’s an advertisement for your products or any other type of cosmetic medicine content, our professionals can ensure you’re communicating effectively with your given audience wherever they’re located at all times.

Translations Universe can also provide you with cosmetic medicine translations in 50+ languages from translators based around the world.


In addition to our experienced translators, we structure our translation company to include some in-house professionals. These people are given the incredibly important task of examining each customer's glossary and translation memories to make sure they are accurate, up to date and ready to use. Although not all translation companies choose to include dedicated linguists in their translation team, we have seen the difference it makes in the outcome of our translation and localization projects and we appreciate the unique experience and supervision that our linguists provide to each of our customers' content.


Translations Universe has experience translating a wide variety of content from the medical field including the cosmetic field. Our experienced translators are prepared to offer translations for:

  • Product descriptions
  • Brochures
  • Advertisements
  • Web tools and content

5 golden rules for Writing well in foreign languages

Copywriting is not just typing on a computer keyboard. Writing requires love and attention, research and study, inspiration and concentration, dedication and constant training. But what do we need to pay attention to to to make sure that our writing work is of a high quality? In my experience, these are the 5 rules for "writing well".
1 - Getting to know grammar
It may seem like a triviality, but it is not so. Mastering the language is the basis for good writing. Knowing how to write well and thus be a good copywriter means knowing the vocabulary of the language in which one writes and the meaning of the words, knowing the rules of construction of the sentence, the use of punctuation, the grammar rules with related exceptions and irregularities.
A good copywriter must pay attention to typos, that is typos errors, but he must make sure that the text he produces never presents grammar errors (why do I keep coming across "another" with the apostrophe?).
2 - Avoid long sentences
It can happen that you are tempted to write like a river in full swell: the temptation is great, but you have to put the stakes. A golden rule is not to write sentences too long and elaborate, preferring instead a form of writing lean and light, in which the reader has a way not to lose the thread of the speech and - hopefully - continue reading.
If we realize that we are producing a writing made up of long and articulated periods, it is better to pause and extrapolate the salient points and the key concepts: these must be reworked in short and clear sentences, which are discursive but articulated in a fluent way.
3 - Prefer simple and various words
The desire to be high-sounding or perceived as professional can lead us to use complex words, which sound too formal or bureaucratic. Our aim must be to carry on a pleasant writing, therefore it is better to prefer clear and simple words, whose meaning reaches everyone, with a natural and not artificial result.
Preferring simple and clear words does not mean, however, always using the same: it is a good idea to vary the words, perhaps drawing on a dictionary of synonyms and antonyms (great tool for learning new terms) always keeping in mind our keywords.
4- Talk to people
Often those who want to play super professional tend and prefer a formal tone and detached, aseptic and cold. To produce an optimal writing the advice is instead to look for a more informal and human approach, as close as possible to those who are reading (in the end the purpose of our writing work is to capture the reader).
This translates into writing that is human, that uses a vocabulary that is not too complicated, that knows how to speak to people and how to excite.
5 - Maintain a constant tone of voice
Within the text we produce it is important to maintain a “constant tone of voice”, that is, modulate our tone of voice and keep it from start to finish: if we choose to write in second person plural, this mode should be maintained until the end of the text, thus avoiding that within the same text there is a "book" and a "choose immediately". If we have opted for an informal and emotional tone, this must be applied throughout our writing work.
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