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Adwords is the advertising program Pay per Click (PPC) by Google. Translating advertising campaigns into multiple languages is an excellent strategy for promoting products and services globally and expanding business worldwide.

We specialize in localizing websites and AdWords campaigns in over 75 languages. Our primary goal is to maximize target traffic and help advertisers get the best return on investment (ROI) from international campaigns.

We don't just translate the campaign's texts and keywords, we also optimize its content. In other words, our translators devote a large part of their energy to the actual localization of your campaigns, thinking about the keywords that your potential clients could actually use in their own language to find your products and services.

How could our ad-words translations enhance your business?

Effective creativity: we translate the advertising texts in such a way as to make the commercial message and call to action as persuasive as possible in the target language.

Quality plays a key role in advertising campaigns. Our translators will not only choose the most suitable terms for your market and respect the different keyword combination options (general matching, sentence matching, exact matching and reverse matching), they will also follow AdWords' guidelines on quality and best practices suggested by Google. This will maximize the quality score of your keywords and ensure the success of your advertisements.

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