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Mobile app stores have officially become global, and the next person to download your app could be located anywhere. However, even though your app may be available globally, it may not be ready for the global market. Nowadays, localizing applications for key audience segments is a must. This applies to both iOS app localization and Android app localization.

Why app localization is important

Localizing applications for your target audience is good business practice, but it is also a process that requires a clear business case before companies can invest the necessary resources.

90% of mobile device activity now takes place within apps, unlike browsers.

Global mobile app revenue will grow from $51 billion in 2016 to $101 billion in 2020.

Even users who understand English prefer to use devices in their own language and are more willing to buy if they can do so in their native language. Locating mobile applications has a direct impact on download figures and revenue.

Remember to translate all the texts for your app: UI, help, app store description and all the other texts that users see. And don't forget the localization of the images! This requires proper internationalization, which you should keep in mind throughout the development cycle.

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