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Case study: Financial translation for CWG Markets 


Let's look at the essence of the project: CWG Markets provides access to more than 300 single stock CFDs from three major exchanges on NYSE, Nasdaq, and HKSE. Profit from the rise and fall of the single stock with no restriction on short-selling.


leather goods translation



At Translations Universe we can count on many years of experience in the field of leather goods translations.

Whether you need expert knowledge of the various types of leather, tanning, raw-cutting, die-cutting, machine or hand-cutting, we know the appropriate terminology to apply to our translations.




Quality translations

We put in place rigorous selection measures for the staff who translate your projects, based on language skills, areas of specialisation and the purpose of the translations.

In addition, we guarantee the quality of the deliverables thanks to translation processes reviewed by several professionals.

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Our commitment for trasparency

Translations Universe is a people-based company and we work hard to enhance business relationships between companies around the world, in 33 languages.

Ethical values guide us, and we strive for total transparency in our relationships. You will always know what you are paying for.


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Wordpress themes and plug in translation

Translations Universe is constantly searching for the best technologies in the translation market. In this constant research, we focus on our clients' needs to localize their content, on their platforms, in order to offer a smart service that implements the translated content and makes it usable for the required use.

For this purpose, we have implemented the translation of themes and plug-ins of the WordPress cms.


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 Guidelines for commercial repositioning in the global market

Boost your business with translations universe

Let's get results, together

The commercial scenario has been reduced by the containment efforts of COVID-19. Yet, now that some countries and territories are starting to ease their restrictive measures, companies may see new opportunities, especially if they embrace a more global vision. The goal of this guide is to support you in preparing your company to look further afield, to new markets, and to explore new ways to prepare for international trade in a time of global recovery.

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Boost online Translations Universe 1

Enhance your business with Translations Universe: tips for searching and being online

Most users use Google to search more or less efficiently. However, many do not know what to get different search results, you can instruct the search engine to return more relevant results.


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 Story telling customer journey market abroad

 Why storytelling?

Story-telling is a narrative technique that creates emotion and involvement and conveys values in an authentic and coherent way to capture the audience's attention. It allows to speak the same language as our interlocutor and engage the audience, whether predefined or induced to behaviour (e.g. purchasing).

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tradeshow and exhibition

The advantages of a language strategy for exhibitions

With this new format, we would like to discuss an important aspect of the growth of a brand in a foreign key: the exhibition. The tradeshow is a useful business storytelling tool to tell the characteristics of your brand in a specific place. The tradeshow brings together important aspects related to communication and marketing that aim to increase visibility and generate opportunities and interactions. Building the business and establishing new contacts are the goals that a company plans to achieve thanks to the fair.

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Communicate your brand abroad

Communicate your brand abroad


In the previous article, we addressed the internationalization of business abroad, offering ideas and strategies for dealing with and selling products and services in foreign markets.

Internationalization, together with multilingual SEO and brand communication in a foreign key, are the aspects of language consulting that Translations Universe is able to offer to localize its business abroad.

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site parcours export international

Marketing nuggets and multilingual strategies for internationalisation

Translations Universe is committed to offering multilingual services that have a direct response to the markets and that promote the internationalization of companies abroad.

For the same amount of resources invested, in order to optimize the ROI (Return on Investment), companies are constantly trying to improve the services complementary to sales, in order to increase the perceived value of the product/service.

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Release of the new platform for  online language services

This is for us at Translations Universe the most important update carried out so far.

With the release of the new platform, we have implemented many important functions that have become essential for those of us who offer language services, in an international environment and essentially online.

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 The New Multilingual SEO Translations Universe program

One of the most important aspects of online sales, in B2B or B2C model, is undoubtedly the SEO. 

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) defines all the optimization activities of a website aimed at improving its ranking in organic results in the main search engines Google and Bing.

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 Multilingual strategy to optimise your Black Friday sales campaign

 Black Friday is a purely American event that has evolved and spread throughout the world over the last decade.

For some, the expression Black Friday was born in Philadelphia and would derive from the heavy and congested road traffic that develops for the occasion on that day.

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 Mobile apps localization

Mobile app stores have officially become global, and the next person to download your app could be located anywhere. However, even though your app may be available globally, it may not be ready for the global market. Nowadays, localizing applications for key audience segments is a must. This applies to both iOS app localization and Android app localization.

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  Halloween: Around the world

Halloween is one of the oldest holidays in the world, dating back to the pagan epoch. Today it is celebrated by more people in more countries than ever before. There's one simple reason: it's fun and it's good, clean, harmless and fun for young and old!

 First, where it all started: Ireland

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  #TranslatingEurope workshops 2018

 The 5th edition of the Translating Europe Forum will focus on how translators can work in an industry that is changing rapidly.



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 Translating for the tourism Industry

Being attractive to tourists in their native language is surely the best way to attract more visitors to your city, city or region and provide a valuable experience for them. Access to information that is still pleasant to read: museum guides, locations, accommodations, and maps written in their native language will create a positive experience for the tourist. Investing in a translation made by professionals of the tourism field will attract new tourists and increase revenue to the local economy. Take advantage of the next tourist season and provide tourists with the information they need.

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Let's discover together all the secrets of the word Dada and the language of these bizarre artists...we'll have fun!
Art Dada, Dadaism...but what does the word Dada mean?
You may have wondered what the word Dada means, and if you haven't, the children will think about it as soon as you mention this fantastic group of artists who, with their irony and their provocations, have revolutionized the history of art!
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 Automotive professional translation

Translations Universe is a translation agency that has been steadily developing into a specialized translation and documentation for the automotive industry. The quality lies in the small details. A motor only works if all parts are correctly assembled, and the same applies to your marketing. Since all of our employees are highly qualified, they always understand what they translate.


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 Ad-words / Banners translations

Adwords is the advertising program Pay per Click (PPC) by Google. Translating advertising campaigns into multiple languages is an excellent strategy for promoting products and services globally and expanding business worldwide.

We specialize in localizing websites and AdWords campaigns in over 75 languages. Our primary goal is to maximize target traffic and help advertisers get the best return on investment (ROI) from international campaigns.

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 Gaming/video games professional translation service

The demand for gaming is spreading internationally with rapidly growing gaming communities in several countries.

This creates huge profit opportunities for gaming companies that commercialize their games abroad.

Translations Universe offers professional game translation services for the gaming and video games developing companies that want to market their products in countries that do not speak their language.

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 Cosmetic translations

The cosmetic industry is constantly growing with high consumer demand for new treatments and procedures. Nowadays, there is a range of different players from around the world working within the cosmetic medicine field; all of whom need to communicate effectively with each other and the patients using their treatments.

Whether it’s an advertisement for your products or any other type of cosmetic medicine content, our professionals can ensure you’re communicating effectively with your given audience wherever they’re located at all times.

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 5 golden rules for Writing well in foreign languages

Copywriting is not just typing on a computer keyboard. Writing requires love and attention, research and study, inspiration and concentration, dedication and constant training. But what do we need to pay attention to to to make sure that our writing work is of high quality? In my experience, these are the 5 rules for "writing well".
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Fashion translations

 Translation service for the fashion industry

The number of translations that we handle related to the fashion industry is surprisingly high. We ensure that these translations are only performed by experts with language skills and complete knowledge of fashion, design, clothing, and accessories. In addition, to meet the needs of our clients in this industry, who are often more demanding than many others, we also make sure that our fashion translations are provided with a creative and attractive style suited to the industry and the purpose of the translation.

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 Forex and Finance translations

In this world economy, your activity is closely linked to international market trends. Whether you are a vendor or a direct customer, you need all the information required to make smart business decisions. Business and economic translation services enable your business to function and operate properly in the global economy. Being an international operator in your field has endless benefits including access to foreign investors, new customers, and cheap materials.

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 Talking about sworn translations

When a document with legal value is translated, to maintain its particular value also in a foreign country, it needs to contain a translator's attestation about the truthfulness of the translated text.

This certification is called an affidavit or a sworn translation. Only through asseveration, thus, does the translated document assume the same legal value as the original one.

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Importance of choosing the right Work Channels

Nowadays, there is a clear demand on the part of businesses, of whatever size they may be, to operate through industry-specific work channels. The translation industry, in its various meanings, has reached impressive numbers, therefore, professionals, individuals or agencies, in order to facilitate the exchange of information between operators in the sector and clients, rely on these systems to spread their professional profile on the Internet and receive job offers via e-mail with the appropriate language combinations.

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CAT tool technology: productivity and improvement of quality

Generally, this is called Computer Assisted Translation, or Computer-Aided Translation (both abbreviated to CAT), to define all the systems in which a translator uses specific computer programs as an aid to the translation process.

In the most common sense used by professionals, the term CAT tool, simply CAT refers to a subset of CAT programs proper: the one that includes programs for translation with the aid of memories.

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 Translation of subtitles

Does your content strategy include the production of video files?

If the answer is no, you should know that viewing a video can enhance your users' comprehension of a product or service.

If the answer is yes, it is a wise decision to add subtitles to the videos.

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 (Why) translating a multilingual website is essential

 The current business environment is an international and multilingual environment. Companies are exporting more and more products and services abroad.
The company website becomes one of the main means of spreading the value created by the company in the home. It is a source of information with which a company presents itself as a foreign consumer.
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Machine translations


Artificial Intelligence and New Technologies: the Modern Corner of Translation?

A few years Since 2007 Google, with Translate, Microsoft and other web giants, have been distributing statistical machine translation: from semi-comics, machine translations, although not perfect, sometimes began to become also serviceable products, especially if adjusted through appropriate human interventions.

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To conduct an etymological examination of "Easter" we must refer to the English term "Easter" which would bring us back to ancient cults related to the coming of spring and in particular to an ancient pagan goddess, the goddess Eostre. The name seems to come from "Aus" or "Aes" and that is East, so it is a divinity linked to the rising sun and its heat, after all the theme of fires and the return of the star will be a recurring theme in the continuation of Easter traditions. Grimm, a well-known scholar of Nordic mythology in his "Teutonic Mythology" describes Heroes as a pagan divinity bearer of fertility and connects it to the light of the East and in particular to the Spring equinox that was called by the Celtic peoples "Eostur-Monath" and later "Ostara".

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Creating Trust in the Translation Business

 The very nature of the translation industry expects participants within the sector to experience some form of problem in cross-cultural communication. In order for companies to function with ease and for there to be a beneficial relationship between the client and the company, there needs trust.

When conducting business abroad, breaking the language barrier takes time, commitment, and intercultural competence. To ensure that nothing is left unsaid or lost in translation, consider hiring Translations Universe as your personal translations agency to ease successful cross-cultural exchange.

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 Translations trends: A look at where we may be going

Despite the remarkable developments in MT and the translation process, further improvements to MT seem all the more daunting as one moves farther down Bly’s list of stages. The human judgment and wisdom required at these stages, rooted as they often are in social and cultural knowledge, seem complex to the point that they do not fit with ease into the flow charts of computer programming.

Literature, philosophy, sociology, law and any other areas of interest which are highly culture-dependent are beyond the scope of MT. It is true now, and will probably always be true.


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 Translating patents and trademarks

With over 10 years of experience in translating patent documents to and from all major industry languages, our team is trained, equipped and qualified to deliver your patent translation project to a deadline, including watertight accuracy.

Translating patent specs

Our team fully understands the importance of a no-fuss, on-time patent documentation translation – this includes patent specifications whether you need the full specification or just the claims), patent briefs and judgments, prior art documents as well as examination reports.

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 What is Smart Working (and where is it?)?

It would be useful to write a "glossary of contemporaneity", a handbook that contains all those "English" that populate our everyday language. Technical terms for every sector, more or less youthful slang... many words used - and above all flaunted - by anyone to appear mainly smart.

In addition, “smart” is one of these, of course. English term is almost untranslatable because it contains many meanings: from "intelligent" to "quick", from "smart" to "elegant", from "fashionable" to "brazen", from "strong" to "brilliant"... and many others, even verbal, always mostly positive.

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International Mother Language Day 2018

On International Mother Language Day 2018, celebrated every year on 21 February, UNESCO reiterates its commitment to linguistic diversity and invites its Member States to celebrate the day in as many languages as possible as a reminder that linguistic diversity and multilingualism are essential for sustainable development.


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