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 Multilingual strategy to optimise your Black Friday sales campaign

 Black Friday is a purely American event that has evolved and spread throughout the world over the last decade.

For some, the expression Black Friday was born in Philadelphia and would derive from the heavy and congested road traffic that develops for the occasion on that day.

The exact origin, however, remains uncertain: according to some, it would refer to the notes on the books of traders who traditionally switched from red (losses) to black (gains), so Black Friday would indicate a day of great gains for business activities. From that day on, the period of the year most profitable for retailers would begin, capable of bringing in black, and therefore in surplus, the accounts of commercial companies.

Data on hand, we have drawn up a series of tips that will help you set up a multilingual sales campaign:

- Study the peculiarities of your product: whether you produce or market a product, a strategic study of your product is the basis of any action aimed at generating a sales flow. Focus on the particularities of your product and ask yourself questions. For example, because your customers choose you or prefer your brand to others, you will begin to filter your target audience and, as a result, create a targeted and sectoralized sales campaign;

- Pay attention to your target market: using statistical analysis tools, Google Analytics or the data consultation of the Facebook Business Manager, to name a few, extract data that helps you understand the geographical origin of your users, their taste, the searches that have conveyed the public on your page and use these data in your favor. In this regard, specialized in a specific market, this does not mean eliminating potential customers but attracting those who are really attracted by your product or service and this will lead you to develop quality leads that can be converted into sales;

- Develop ad hoc advertising campaigns: select specific channels that highlight the aspects of your product type, the customers who are looking for you will know where to find you. With the help of effective sales channels, you can set up campaigns by cross-referencing analytical data: choose keywords and tags that best describe your products, as well as the traits that distinguish your work and that can appeal to your potential customers. Push these terms with specific means, Google Ads, or through the main social channels;

- Don't forget the importance of the language aspect: it's well known that your potential customers prefer to browse websites and e-commerce readable in their own language so that they can better understand their content. To compete in an international market means to provide information to use products and services in a correct and understandable way. Companies that adopt an international strategy must translate the contents of their web pages to meet the needs of domestic and foreign customers/consumers. Finally, it is useful to remember that a quality translation offers greater optimization and usability of the site in the target language. This is essential from the point of view of the SEO.

Website translation is an important process for companies that decide to undertake internationalization. It is necessary to entrust the translation to experienced and qualified professionals who can offer a service adapted to the needs of the customer.