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 Legal translations

Legal translations

Our team of professionals includes experienced translators in the legal field. These have a legal background, such as lawyers, notaries, and professionals who have specialized in the world of translation.


Sworn translation

Sworn translations

Legalization of translations


The asseveration (oath) of an expert's report or a translation serves in all cases in which it is necessary to certify that the expert has faithfully fulfilled the task received, making the document official by swearing before a registrar.

Our expert translator will draw up the deed, specifically translating the foreign document that must take on legal value in Italy. The translator will physically appear at the offices of the competent chancellery to swear that he has carried out his task in order to make the truth of the original documents known.

You can request a sworn translation of Legal deeds, balance sheets, certificates of pending loads and criminal records, educational qualifications with a list of exams taken, medical reports, testamentary documents, birth certificates, residence permits, and driving licenses, powers of attorney, and proxies, tax returns. etc.

Find out more about our sworn translation and document legalization service by following this link.

Translations of terms and conditions


Remember that these terms on your website must be accessible to your customers


The terms and conditions are fundamental sections for the sale and purchase of services or goods online, they regulate the terms of the relationship between the user and the relevant platform.

They include a thorough explanation of the processes that lead users to register on websites, how to choose and purchase goods and products, payment methods, terms regarding shipping, privacy protection, withdrawal rights, refunds, disputes, etc.

It is essential that the translator in charge is aware of the legal dynamics and has a perfect knowledge of the language applied in this delicate matter.

Find out more about our translations of terms and conditions by visiting the Aromandfabula website - see how we have applied our legal knowledge in this case study.


Translations terms and conditions
Translations privacy policy

Privacy policy translations

Let your customers know that you care about their data. Say it in their language


Recent regulations on the acquisition, protection, storage, and processing of user data have imposed on many market players the duty to preserve sensitive user data by following certain guidelines.
 Many companies have turned to us at Translations Universe in order to translate the measures they have adopted to carry out the delicate task imposed by the GDPR.
It is advisable, but not compulsory, that the regulations protecting the data of the consumer or user who gives up their data are translated and understandable in their language. The translation of these privacy regulations will give you greater security when dealing with foreign users.
We invite you to view the translated documents for the Chebuoni.it web platform to discover our approach to the translation of privacy statements.


Legal glossary 

Glossaries and legal terminology

The importance of a vocabulary consistent with the law


For translations to accurately convey the meaning of the source texts, in this sensitive area, it is necessary to use sectoral vocabularies and terminology databases, starting with English, to ensure uniformity across all language combinations.
We take care of the creation of English glossaries using our translation software, accompanied by guidelines that indicate to the various professionals the style, terminology, and vocabulary to be used in their legal translations.


Handling of sensitive data

We protect the confidentiality of your documents


You can count on our confidentiality when it is necessary to share documents containing sensitive data with us. We will provide you with an NDA in which we undertake not to disclose sensitive data and to process them for translation purposes only.
We are bound by the GDPR system and our professional ethics, which require us to destroy processed data, sources, and translations, 3 months after completion of the projects. You could always ask us to manipulate the confidentiality of these documents as you see fit.
Please bear in mind that the professionals who work with Translations Universe are bound by internal regulations which prohibit any sharing of sensitive data with third parties. Please read our Terms and Conditions for any clarification.
We are always on your side when it comes to developing clear and effective quotes in order to deliver quality, on time, and with impeccable service. If you are not satisfied with the work and services delivered, we are ready to offer free-of-charge modifications or a new translation service. As a last resort, we guarantee a money-back policy.


Processing of sensitive data