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Sworn translation

What is a sworn translation?

The sworn translation of an appraisal or translation is necessary in all cases where it is necessary to certify that the appraiser has faithfully performed the task received, making the document official by swearing before a Registrar.

Our expert translator will draw up the deed, specifically translating the foreign document which must have legal value. The translator will physically present the document at the offices of the competent chancellery to swear that he or she has carried out his or her task in order to reveal the truth of the original documents.

Note: It is the client's responsibility to obtain information on specific requirements from the requesting authorities, particularly with regard to the need for a sworn translation or legalization or apostille.

Why do you need a sworn translation?

For your documents to and from abroad

Legal documents, balance sheets, certificates of pending charges and criminal records, educational qualifications with the list of examinations taken, medical reports, testamentary documents, birth certificates, residence permits and licenses, proxies and powers of attorney, tax returns, etc.

In essence, any document, whether belonging to a private individual or to a company or institution, involves subjects from different countries. In order to be able to swear a translation, it is necessary that the source language or the target language is Italian. In the case of translations between foreign languages, therefore, the translator must compose the documents in the following order: first the document in a foreign language and the translation into Italian with the oath report and, then, the translation from Italian into the other foreign language with the relative oath report.


Legalized translation
Certified translation

The procedure


The regulations vary from city to city. Translations Universe cooperates with the Registrar's Office in Martina Franca (TA) The translation must correspond to the source document in its entirety and may not contain omissions or variations of any kind and must respect the same format as the original. Any stamps, seals, logos, or watermarks in the background of the page must be translated or, if unreadable, indicated with the words "illegible". Any signatures present in the original document must also be indicated.

The translator, upon presentation of a valid identification document, must present the translated document together with the original and an oath of oath form for experts and translators specially prepared by the stationery and filled in at the office.


Legal translation 

What you will get?

You will receive your complete dossier at home by tracked courier

The sequence of documents you will receive is composed of 1) original text 2) translation 3) a report of the oath.
The text of the translation (2) must state on the last page the date on which it was written and the translator's signature: this date must also appear on the oath report.

We will send you a copy of the paper file, in digital format, by email. Afterward, you will receive an email containing the tracking of the shipment, which you will receive in 1-3 working days, by express courier.

How much does it cost?


We provide tailor-made solutions to meet your requirements at affordable prices.
Excluding costs related to sworn translations which may vary depending on the language combination or scope, the translation must be stamped with a € 16.00 stamp every 4 sides.
An additional € 3.68 stamp is required for certification fees. In addition, a € 0.52 stamp must be affixed for each attachment (e.g. photocopies, photographs, lists, metric calculations, etc.).
This is the tax regime valid at the Chancellery of Martina Franca.


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