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 Translations for the fashion industry

Translation for fashion industry

The number of translations we handle related to the fashion industry is amazingly high. We ensure that these translations are only carried out by experts with language skills and comprehensive knowledge of fashion, design, clothing, and accessories.


Translations for fashion

Who you entrust your projects to 

A dedicated team for your fashion translation projects

Due to the creative nature of fashion translation and the specific terms used, Translations Universe works with highly qualified translators who have experience in all types of fashion translation, in terms of the target audience and the type of sector covered.
The translators to whom we entrust assignments are chosen on the basis of two conditions, the language combination and the field in which they are competent. For this reason, we will never let a translator who is an expert in the field of economics translate medical leaflets.
We are very careful to request and translate any metadata, descriptions, and keywords from the fashion industry in order to enhance the online presence of our clients and their sites.
We use specific programs to determine keyword trends in the target markets.

Leather goods translations

From cutting to assembly, we handle your content with the proper expertise


Whether you need in-depth knowledge of the various types of leather, tanning, rough cutting, die-cutting, machine cutting, or hand cutting, we know the appropriate terminology to apply to our translations.

We are specialists in recognizing the terminology applied to the shaping of products and the various reinforcing or padding components that make up bags, shoes, jackets, etc.

Our in-house staff has certified experience in the leather processing sector thanks to their collaboration with many Italian and foreign companies, acquired in artisan and industrial workshops and during the most important trade fairs in the sector. We are also experts in trade and customs and we know the regulations regarding the export of leather products abroad.

Visit the website and see how Carbotti (Woman leather handbags) has targeted its target market, Japan, with our translations. 


Leather goods translations
Clothing and shirts translations

Shirting industry

Quality guaranteed through different quality checks

We support established and emerging companies in their process of developing existing or potential markets. You can count on our research into keyword trends and sectoral language in the Italian shirt industry.
We know that every garment and every company has a distinct history. We enhance the distinctive traits of the company you represent by combining our know-how with the craftsmanship and uniqueness of your shirts. Translators who work with us must have accumulated a minimum of 3 years of certified and referenced experience in fashion translation.
Find out more about how we can enhance the potential of your shirts with our translations by discovering the website of Edocamicie, a 100% Italian company that produces made-to-measure men's shirts.


Translation of ceremony dresses 

Ceremonial wear translations

The best of the translation industry for your valuable collections

The made-to-measure industry finds its greatest expression in the creation of event wear. Many of the companies that have chosen us have exported their concept and ethics abroad, providing made-to-measure wedding dresses to the most demanding customers.
The wedding and event industry has a growing trend in the production of Italian suits. Localizing the characteristics of your gowns together with the exclusivity of your company is the right key to attack the markets you are interested in.
It is important that these translations are entrusted to professionals who are familiar with the technical language of fashion but at the same time able to read the trends that search engines return. Our translators use specific software to read these trends and use the appropriate terminology to create appeal for your customers.
Visit the website of one of our loyal customers and discover how Haberi has optimized its language strategy to establish its presence worldwide.


We are on your side, always

We know that companies do their best to save time and money and that they often end up entrusting translation projects to in-house resources that are sometimes unsuitable for sectorial translation assignments.
We have therefore developed a company-specific price list that aims to optimize translation time and costs. Caring about your projects, we aim to advise you on which content to optimize in terms of language (and which not) by applying discounts based on repetition and volume.
We are always on the client's side when it comes to developing honest and effective quotes in order to deliver quality, on-time delivery, and impeccable service. Should you not be satisfied with the work and services delivered, we are ready to offer free-of-charge modifications or a new translation service. As a last resort, we guarantee a money-back policy.


Professional ethics