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Web tech translations

Today's business environment is international and multilingual, with a focus on eco-sustainable production and supply chains. Companies are increasingly exporting products and services abroad. Websites, mobile applications, and software are the essential sources for disseminating the value created by the company.


Website translation

Website translations

Your window to the world


Your website, whether it is an e-commerce, a platform, a management system, or a shop window, is a source of information with which your company offers itself to markets and consumers. Users prefer to browse websites and e-commerce translated into their own language so that they can better understand the content.

Competing in an international market means providing information to use products and services in a correct and understandable way. Companies embarking on an international strategy must translate the content of their web pages to meet the needs of domestic and foreign customers/consumers.
Keep in mind that we combine our translation systems and software with SEO expertise and research. We can, at your explicit request, produce translations following certain guidelines: keywords, meta descriptions, localized search trends can be researched and integrated into the translations. 
We use trend research systems such as Google Trend and SEMRUSH in order to use effective terminology for marketing purposes. This is for example the case of Elsea, for which a keyword and metadata translation service was required.
See how we can help your company enter foreign markets with the translation of your website. Find out how we did it with the Unosguardoraro website. 

Mobile app translations

The future at your fingertips


Translating applications for your target audience is a good business practice, but it is also a process that requires a clear business plan before companies can invest the necessary resources.

90% of activity on mobile devices, as opposed to browsers, now takes place within applications. Even users who understand English prefer to use devices in their own language and are more willing to buy if they can do so in their native language. The localization of mobile applications has a direct impact on download figures and revenue.

Remember to translate all the texts for your application: UI, help, app store description, and all the other texts that users see. And don't forget to translate the images! This requires adequate internationalization, which must be kept in mind throughout the development cycle.

Among our collaborations in the world of mobile application translation, we cannot but mention Xbprime with the MT5 iPhone & iPad Trader.

Check out their case study and preview of the app translation.


Mobile app translations
Software translations

Software translations

The importance of making your software accessible to foreign audiences


Do not let important information contained in your software and IT content lose its meaning in the course of translation. XML, HTML, and database files all contain important data about your websites and databases. It is important that they are translated correctly and configured in the required format.
Our community of experienced software translators can understand HTML and XML encoding, match the values of the translations to the keys in the source texts, without altering the structure of the encoding.
You can send us the files to be translated in formats that reflect your working environment: JSON, xliff, HTML, and many others. We will advise you on the best solution for the translation and management of multi-lingual software translation projects.
See an example of software translation for the CWG Markets platform, translated into 7 languages.


Videogame translations 

Videogame translations 

The revenue opportunity for your gaming software-house


Video game production is spreading internationally, with rapidly growing gaming communities in several countries. This creates huge profit opportunities for gaming companies marketing their games abroad.
At Translations Universe, we support you with our professional game translation services for those who want to market your software in countries that do not speak your language. We create English glossaries using our translation software, accompanied by guidelines that indicate to various professionals the style, terminology, and vocabulary to use in their gaming translations.
We already have a loyal customer base in the gaming industry and have worked on the following game translation projects: Online games, mobile games for different platforms, product descriptions, game controls, and GUIs. An example?
Check out our involvement in the award-winning app Pokemon Go.


Translations for the environment

Environment, alternative energies, and technologies supported by localized content


Sustainability is the lever with which companies are targeting increasingly aware user groups. From fashion to technology, from manufacturing to agriculture, companies are increasingly focused on meeting consumer needs in line with respect for the planet.
At Translations Universe, we are no strangers to this issue, and we like to be able to implement solutions, even in our own offices, that have an eye on the environment. What's more, our clients choose us for our awareness of the use of technical terminology and glossaries that are up-to-date with modern eco-sustainable technology.
We support our partners in the translation and creation of language content that showcases their excellence in the sustainable economy, translating data sheets, environmental and social sustainability principles, websites, and brochures.
This is the case of the Finsea group who chose us as their translation provider for their consortium of companies operating in the environmental services sector. Visit their website and see how we have developed green translation projects.




Translations for the environment