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We at Translations Universe offer professional translations in technical and expert areas at different rates than general translations. If you believe that the content you want to translate does not require any technical knowledge, choose the "General" translation area. The responsible professional will translate the commissioned text without carrying out specific research on the subject and will follow any guidelines provided at the time of the commission.
For these reasons, general projects do not require any dedicated skill and the pricing is lower than translation projects in expert areas.
Note: However, our translators may recognize the technical aspect of some content and report it to us.
Our team of professionals includes translators who are experts in the legal field. They have a legal background, such as lawyers, notaries and professionals who have since specialised in the world of translation. It is essential that the translator in charge is aware of the legal dynamics and knows perfectly the language applied in this delicate matter.

Among our many experiences in the world of translation, we count projects in the field of localization of:

Terms and Conditions

: fundamental sections for the sale and purchase of services or goods online, regulate the terms of the relationship between the user and the reference platform. They provide an accurate explanation of the processes that lead users to register on websites, the methods of choice and purchase of goods and products, the methods of payment, terms relating to shipments, protection of privacy, rights of withdrawal, refunds, disputes, etc..

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

: Recent regulations on the acquisition, protection, storage and processing of user data have imposed on many market players the duty to preserve sensitive user data by following certain guidelines. Many companies have approached us at Translations Universe in order to translate the measures they have adopted to carry out the delicate function imposed by the GDPR.

Legal and notarial acts

: Translations Universe perfectly fulfills the task of translating content related to legal acts of various kinds and nature. Documents must be translated to ensure that all parties involved understand what has been agreed. Note: Upon request of the client, we provide certification on the correct processing of the translated texts and their relevance to the text sources provided.

Software IT

Don't let the important information contained in your Software & IT contents get lost in the translation. Translations Universe assure that:

The applications you have created should be always understood by your users to be easy and fun to use. They should understand contents and how they benefit from using these applications.

Your website, blog and other online content inform and inspire customers about your products and services.

XML, HTML and database files all contain important data about your websites and databases. It is important that they are translated correctly and set in the requested format. Our community of skilled software translators is well capable to understand HTML and XML coding.

Business Forex

At Translations Universe, we have long focused on translating content related to the world of finance. In recent years, we have expanded our portfolio of client projects in this area, translating multiple projects for a variety of purposes.

Brokerage related websites

: We constantly translate financial reports, news and reports that influence market trends, or guidelines provided by experienced brokers within the various trading platforms.

Financial reports

: Needs a proper context and knowledge of the business. Shareholders and brokers rely on your company's financial reports to make informed decisions. Make sure they are accurately localized with our financial translation services.

Online trading

: Our translators are familiar with the terminology used in online trading. We regularly serve clients in the trading industry from all over the world.


: Another fundamental aspect of modern finance, we at Translations Universe know and know how to correctly translate content related to major crypto-currencies.


: Currency exchange is one of the finance aspects that we have perfected. Many of our translators are experts or professionals in the financial sector and know the main currency pairs and the relationship that regulates their exchanges.


You are responsible for informing your customers about your products and services and convincing them to use your offers trough your website, blogs and products descriptions.

In order to properly promote your brand, all aspects of your advertisement strategy must communicate to the public in a clear and compelling way.

If you wish to have a significant online presence in multiple countries, your branded items, such as leaflets, business cards, advertising banners, websites, signage and videos need to be translated accurately.

Messaging via chatbot, email, social messaging apps remains a powerful way to deal with your audience. If you want to successfully reach the international customers with your e-written contents, our translators will make sure the content reads as if it were written by native speakers.

Mobile App

Localizing applications for your target audience is good business practice, but it is also a process that requires a clear business case before companies can invest the necessary resources.

90% of mobile device activity now takes place within apps, unlike browsers.

Global mobile app revenue will grow from $51 billion in 2016 to $101 billion in 2020.

Even users who understand English prefer to use devices in their own language and are more willing to buy if they can do so in their native language. Locating mobile applications has a direct impact on download figures and revenue.

Remember to translate all the texts for your app: UI, help, app store description and all the other texts that users see. And don't forget the localization of the images! This requires proper internationalization, which you should keep in mind throughout the development cycle.


Being attractive to tourists in their native language is surely the best way to attract more visitors to your city, city or region and provide a valuable experience for them.

You'll have a global impact with our properly localized content that engages the reader and stimulates search engines: museum guides, locations, accommodations, brochures and maps written in their native language will create a positive experience for the tourist.

Our pool of translators have expertise in tourism marketing and will make the most of the linguistic aspect of your business in order to attract tourists. Whether you have an accommodation business, a B&B, a restaurant or a travel agency, entrusting yourself to the translators of Translations Universe could make the difference in terms of attracting tourists.

Take advantage of the next tourist season, do not leave your guests without information in their mother tongue during their travel abroad.


Translations Universe is a translation agency that has been steadily developing into a specialized translation and documentation for the automotive industry. The quality lies in the small details. A motor only works if all parts are correctly assembled, and the same applies to your marketing.

The language of automotive translation

In the case of technical translations, it is important that the translator has knowledge of the technology discussed in the text.

Translations Universe not only provides automotive translations. We provide a complete package of documentation (technical) and information. We work for the global automotive and motorcycle industry, suppliers and other companies associated with engines and drive technology. Working in partnership with our customers, our challenge is to convey all information to the end user as clearly and efficiently as possible. Whether it's providing a short automotive translation or managing an entire flow of documentation, we'll listen to your needs and provide you with all the advice you need.


Quality plays a key role in advertising campaigns. Our translators will not only choose the most suitable terms for your market and respect the different keyword combination options (general matching, sentence matching, exact matching and reverse matching), they will also follow AdWords' guidelines on quality and best practices suggested by Google. This will maximize the quality score of your keywords and ensure the success of your advertisements

By choosing and Ad/Words or banner translation, you’re relying on experienced SEO translators. With them, we have built an advertising system that acts in conjunction with the multilingual SEO and that exploits the main social channels as well as graphics and video communication strategies.

Keywords, language text strings and the study of "trendy" content in a given location provided us with the basis on which to build our organic multilingual SEO strategy.

We invite you to contact us for further clarifications about the possibility to set up an improvement of your multilingual contents and their implementation on your communication and e-commerce channels at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The demand for gaming is spreading internationally with rapidly growing gaming communities in several countries.

This creates huge profit opportunities for gaming companies that commercialize their games abroad.

Translations Universe offers professional game translation services for gaming and video games developing companies that want to market their products in countries that do not speak their language.

Our game translation services are provided by a global pool of highly qualified translation service providers. The Translations Universe translation team consists of professional translators who understand the world of gaming; they are familiar with the technical terms and lingo used in the gaming industry in various countries.

We already have a loyal customer base in the gaming industry and have worked on the following game translation projects: Online games, Mobile games for different platforms, Products Descriptions, Game Controls and GUIs.


With over 10 years of experience in translating patent documents, our team is trained, equipped and qualified to deliver your patent translation project within a deadline, including watertight accuracy.

Translating patent specs

Our team fully understands the importance of a no-fuss, on-time patent documentation translation – this includes patent specifications whether you need the full specification or just the claims), patent briefs and judgments, documents as well as examination reports.

Translating patent vocabulary

Considering the complexity of patent translation, it is vital that your translators are masters of terminology and detail. In addition to being exactly this, Translations Universe’s team is well acquainted with the processes and demands of many legal systems, delivering top quality service across a wide range of specialisms and technologies.

It is our firm strategy that our translators work only into their mother tongue. This means our team can guarantee the highest level of authenticity for your patent translation, with all legal, technical and scientific terminology completely accurate and unambiguous.


Nowadays, the translation into several languages for the food industry of the labels of ingredients of fast-moving consumer goods intended for large retailers is no longer a simple localisation exercise: it is more like an explanatory/preventive service.

Companies that import/export fast-moving consumer goods, or need to promote their products in the wider food and wine sector, know they can't do business in this market without professional food translations, i.e. translations done by a native speaker specializing in this sector.

Errors in the translation of food labelling for the consumer goods market can lead to fines and problems - even in terms of corporate image.

Below are some of the food categories typical of our portfolio of food translations, translations carried out by our linguists specialized in the food and wine sector:
  • Food: food description and recipes
  • Wine and Beverages: product descriptions, videos, marketing contents
  • Events: general contents
Translations Universe counts on a professional network of native speakers specializing in the food and wine industry.


The current business environment is an international and multilingual environment. Companies are exporting more and more products and services abroad.

The company website becomes one of the main means of spreading the value created by the company in the home. It is a source of information with which a company presents itself as a foreign consumer.

Users prefer to surf on websites and e-commerce translated into their own language so that they can better understand the content.

Competing in an international market means providing information to use products and services in a correct and understandable way. Companies undertaking an international strategy must translate the contents of their web pages to meet the needs of both domestic and foreign customers/consumers.

Translating a website is not a single, simple transposition from one language to another, it cannot be done automatically or by using automatic translators, although there are many software and programs that ease translation. These tools alone are not accurate and do not consider some important aspects of professional translations.

An important point is to analyse the target audience, i.e. which consumers and users will use the site. This way you can learn in-depth which languages users speak.

Fashion and Design

The number of translations projects that we handle related to the fashion industry is surprisingly high. We ensure that these translations are only performed by experts with language skills and a complete knowledge of fashion, design, clothing, and accessories. In addition, to meet the needs of our clients in this industry, who are often more demanding than many others, we also make sure that our fashion translations are provided with a creative and attractive style suited to the industry and the purpose of translation.

Because of the creative nature of fashion-related translation and the specific terms used, Translations Universe works with highly qualified translators who have experience in all types of fashion-related translation.

Of course, all projects, including translations related to fashion, are treated with the utmost confidentiality and are subject to the signing of a contract.

Many of our translators have experienced fashion tradeshows and are well capable to translate your contexts with the right terminology.

Leather goods translations

Leather goods translation
At Translations Universe we can count on many years of experience in the field of leather goods translations. Whether you need expert knowledge of the various types of leather, tanning, raw-cutting, die-cutting, machine or hand-cutting, we know the appropriate terminology to apply to our translations. We are specialists in recognizing the terminology applied to the modelling of products and the various reinforcement or padding components that make up bags, shoes, jackets, etc.

Our in-house staff has certified experience in the leatherworking industry thanks to the collaboration with many Italian and foreign companies, acquired in artisan and industrial laboratories and during the most important exhibitions in the field. In addition, we are experts in trade and customs and we know the regulations involved in the export of leather products abroad.

Medical / Cosmetic

Translations Universe provides medical translation services to medical and pharmaceutical. Our team of experienced and qualified language professionals, industry experts and project managers can provide you with high quality, accurate and reliable medical translations.

Translations Universe can also provide you with cosmetic medicine translations in 33 languages from translators based around the world.

The cosmetic industry is constantly growing with a high consumer demand for new treatments and procedures. Nowadays, there is a range of different players from around the world working within the cosmetic medicine field; all of whom need to communicate effectively with each other and the patients using their treatments.

Whether it’s an advertisement for your products or any other type of cosmetic medicine content, our professionals can ensure you’re communicating effectively with your given audience wherever they’re located at all times.


A design company is not just looking for a simple translation of a brochure, a catalogue or even a price list, but wants something more: it is looking for "emotional" details.

This approach is particularly important for Italian companies operating on the international market, where exporters of products increasingly need captivating and engaging texts properly translated.

As translators specializing in furniture and design, we know the language used by communication and advertising industry experts, and this is the expertise we apply in translating project documents and descriptions for the fields of architecture and housing.

These translations cannot be limited to conveying information, measure, and contractual terms, but increasingly need to convey the sensations linked to the concept of "living".

Another common example is translations for the furniture and accessories sector. These texts are often translated into many different languages, so they need to be consistent across the board and products often need very clear instructions for assembly and care.
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