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 Financial translations

Financial translations

The industry for which partners from all over the world choose us is the financial sector. At Translations Universe, we translate financial reports, CRMs of trading platforms, market news, and websites for selected brokers on a daily basis.


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Our aim was to provide users with a navigation interface in their mother tongue, in order to offer maximum transparency of the financial issues dealt with. The translation operation is necessary to support users with multilingual experts in order to avoid problems arising from a lack of communication.
Many of the actors in the financial sector are often regulated by superstructures in their home countries and must adhere strictly to the constraints imposed. It is important that regulations are translated and communicated in a clear and professional manner. The translators we commission are chosen on the basis of two conditions, the language combination and their financial background.
We are careful to request and translate any metadata, descriptions, and keywords from the financial sector in order to enhance the online presence of clients and their sites. We use specific programs to determine keyword trends in the target markets.

Online trading platforms

We constantly serve trading customers from all over the world


The objective of these platforms is to support traders to succeed in the foreign exchange market by ensuring excellent market conditions, including the execution of prime trading orders, low spreads and latency, high protection of funds, and the best possible technical support.

We are often called upon to translate content, either free-form or with text that clients automatically upload to their sites (txt CRM). Our clients commission their translation work in several languages, which must be coordinated in order to ensure uniformity and context in the final deliverables.

This is for example the case study of CWG Markets - a trading platform translated into 7 languages. The project was structured by distributing the content of the website and trading platform in several files, with an extension in JSON format. This facilitated the work of uploading the content to the web platform as the JSON could be sent directly to the client's CRM. We translated up to 15k words per language.


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Translation of financial websites

Financial websites

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In a fast-growing financial world with emerging markets characterized by new business investment opportunities, it is important to be reachable online. We support established and emerging companies in their process of developing existing or potential markets.
Our translators will not only choose the most suitable terms for your market and respect the different keyword combination options (general matching, phrase matching, exact matching, and reverse matching) but will also follow AdWords quality guidelines and best practices suggested by Google.
Learn more about how we can maximize your keyword quality score and ensure the success of your content, both organic and sponsored by reading the case study of XbPrime, the platform founded with the primary vision of helping traders succeed in the foreign exchange market by providing excellent market conditions. We have translated this website into 6 languages.


Financial glossary 

Glossaries and terminology

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In order for the text to be similar in all translated versions, it is necessary to create a terminology database that all translators can consult, starting with English, to ensure uniformity across all language combinations.
We take care of the creation of English glossaries using our translation software, accompanied by guidelines indicating to the various professionals the style, terminology, and vocabulary to be used in their translations.
Some terminology typical of the language of the financial sector is deliberately left untranslated and in English, as it is typical of the financial context in order to properly convey the meaning.
You can visit the website of one of our UK clients, BookMap ltd, to see how we have preserved context and terminology in a multi-lingual project by producing glossaries and terminology banks.

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At Translations Universe, we carry out complex multi-lingual financial translation projects and manage them with great professionalism, both in terms of organizing the upstream work and managing the team.
Our rates are modular and scalable according to the size of your company in order to optimize translation time and costs. We are always on your side when it comes to developing clear and effective quotes in order to deliver quality, on-time delivery, and impeccable service.
If you are not satisfied with the work and services delivered, we are ready to offer free-of-charge modifications or a new translation service. As a last resort, we guarantee a money-back policy.





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