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  #TranslatingEurope workshops 2018

 The 5th edition of the Translating Europe Forum will focus on how translators can work in an industry that is changing rapidly.



Data are becoming more and more important, but what kind of data? How can translators benefit from the data they produce?
How will artificial intelligence affect the language industry and individual translators?
How is neural machine translation changing the translation profession? What is the EU doing? What about sharing translation data – what are the legal and practical aspects?

The workshops are part of the Translating Europe project, created to bring together translation stakeholders in Europe. They complement the yearly Forum organized in Brussels and consist of smaller-scale events, targeted at specialized audiences within national translation communities. The Translating Europe workshops are organized by Directorate-General for Translation representatives in the EU Member States, often in cooperation with universities of the European Masters in Translation.

Download the full program here.