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Our commitment for trasparency

Translations Universe is a people-based company and we work hard to enhance business relationships between companies around the world, in 33 languages.

Ethical values guide us, and we strive for total transparency in our relationships. You will always know what you are paying for.



People translating

Who translates your projects? 

A dedicated team for your translation projects

Translations Universe connects companies around the world with native translators who are experts in their field and competent in professional translation.


Translators are chosen on the basis of two conditions, the language combination and the field of expertise. For this reason, we will never let an expert in economic matters translate medical information leaflets.


Our translators are professionals working as freelancers or, preferably, other language agencies. In this way, we ensure double-checking in order to achieve high-quality output.

Our infrastructure

You always know where to find us, online and offline

Translations Universe is not just an online platform. Our company has real offices that host professional mother-tongue translators we cooperate with.


Our employees work regularly and have no impediments that might prevent them from carrying out work assignments, they are paid on time and their services are accounted according to the law.


Our activity is regularly registered and pays taxes in Italy. The registration can be consulted on the VIES website with the VAT number IT03138740737.

Moreover, we work with external professionals who are responsible for the accounting and recording of transactions, legal practices (e.g. Terms and Conditions) and the certification of translations.


Great translation service
Translator selection process

Carefully selected translators

Quality guaranteed at different stages

We select professionals who have optimal review bases and who know how to carry out their profession, within the set time frame and according to our instructions.

Translators who work with us must have at least 3 years of certified and referenced experience in the field of translation and must provide us with their CV certifying their training in the field of professional translation.

They are required to send identity documents and to sign an agreement regulating their activity as translators towards Translations Universe. In addition, translators sign an NDA binding them to process the data only in accordance with the required translation activity and not to provide such data to third parties.

We test our language partners in the specific language combination and the requested field of translation. All translations are carried out from a source language into the professional's mother tongue. The tests are articulated in multiple-choice and open-ended questions. The results are compared with reference tables and reviewed by our in-house translation team.

Translators undergo a second survey verifying their availability in terms of time and their capacity regarding the number of words they can translate per day.


Software di traduzione 

Professional translation software

The best from the translation industry for your projects

At Translations Universe we use specific software for the translation business and purchase them under regular licences. The software we use consists of:

Software for transcribing, translating, editing text files;

CAT tool: translation assistance software suite used to generate translation memories. Translation memories (TMX) are linguistic databases storing translations as soon as they are produced for later use;

Software and plug-ins for editing: we use software packages allowing us to translate certain extensions (e.g. pots) into HTML language and other formats for apps and websites;

DTP software: programs dedicated to the elaboration of text files containing images (e.g. brochures).

Our professional ethics

We are always on your side

We know companies do their best to save time and money and often end up entrusting translation projects to internal resources that are sometimes unsuitable for specialist translation tasks.

Therefore, we have developed a company-specific price list that aims to optimise translation time and costs. We aim to advise you on which content to optimise in terms of language (and which not) by applying discounts based on repetition and volume.

We are always on the customer's side when it comes to developing honest and effective quotes in order to deliver quality, on time and impeccable service. If you are not satisfied with the work and services delivered, we are ready to offer free of charge adaptations or new translation services. Lastly, we guarantee a Money back policy.


Professional ethics