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Quality translations

We put in place rigorous selection measures for the staff who translate your projects, based on language skills, areas of specialisation and the purpose of the translations.

In addition, we guarantee the quality of the deliverables thanks to translation processes reviewed by several professionals.



Quality control

A dedicated support for the analysis phase

The importance of a successful start

A clear idea is the best way to obtain a quality document. We will guide you through the start of your translation projects. Our project managers are at your disposal to advise you on the type of service which best suits your needs.


We will assist you by recommending the language combinations for your target market, the relevant area of specialisation and the best price-quality ratio for your needs.


In addition to an online upload and purchase interface for our translation services, you can contact us for tailor-made solutions that meet your guidelines and the specific purpose of the required translations.

Planning a project

For a trouble-free project and partnership development


Once you have established contact with our managers for your services, you will be updated on the progress of your translation. In addition to the localisation of the texts, we may ask you for specifications regarding the use you will make of the requested translations.


This will be necessary for the drafting of glossaries and terminology databases that will be used for your projects, especially for collaborations extended over time to achieve specific goals. It is important to be able to rely on terminology databases to give consistency and context to translations.

Our quality control strategy:
Analysis + planning
Glossary and terminology database
SEO optimisation (if required)
Review by 2 professional proofreaders
Final check with the client



Translation planning
Translation process

Translation development

Our language strategies at the service of your company

At this stage, we will develop your translation, following the guidelines you have provided and applying the agreed solutions.

We will always provide the translated files in the same format as the source projects unless you have specified to translate into other formats. In the case of multi-language projects, we recommend that you work on Xls files with the source text facing each other, stacked with the translations into one or more languages.

We will deliver the translated files within the timeframe communicated by email. Our translators are able to translate approximately 3,000 words per day. If you have requested express translation, more resources will be allocated to translation, halving the delivery time.

Furthermore, we can provide translation memories (TMX) if your project involves the creation of databases to be used in future projects. TMX, glossaries and terminology databases will be used to speed up future translations and provide you with discounts based on repetitions in texts that have already been translated.


Translation review 

Final review

The last step to ensure the quality of the work

In order to guarantee you a text that fully conveys the meaning of the original source, we implement meticulous control measures.

First of all, the translated text will be checked by two native-speaker proofreaders who will examine the integrity of the layout, the format in which the file was saved (in accordance with the original format), perform spellcheck for grammatical and syntax errors.

If required as part of the service, we will compare the translated strings with the translation memories (TMX) in our systems. Terminology databases and glossaries will then be updated.

We will also scan the translated files for readability, remove superfluous constructs and adapt the style for the specific market. Please note that you can request formal or informal tones or impose guidelines when commissioning via our purchasing tool.